Day 1–Start Running and Writing Today

The first thing to do is get a calendar, organizer or sheet of paper with everyday of the month listed on it. Starting from today figure out where one month would be from now. On that day write how many days you will run between now and then, whether it is 5 or 30. Then write down how many days you will write between now and then. Ideally, it will be every day.

Now, choose the days you will run, write or do both during this month. Mark these days with a highlighter or however you can. If you plan on writing and running draw a line through each day, put an R on one side and a W on the other. As you  meet your goal of running or writing on these days, cross out the letter or mark it off however you see fit. As long as you can look back and see what days you reached your goal.

Of course, the idea of this blog is to get you going each day. Every day. So if today is your first day, run and write.

Right now, miles and word counts are not important. If you run one mile, you ran. If you wrote one sentence, you wrote. Today is day one, so get out on the trail or road, and put your pencil to paper.

Hang your calendar on a wall where you will see it every day, either next to the bathroom mirror, on the fridge or paste it to the kitchen table. The important thing is that it is staring you in the face, reminding you to run and write.

Besides the calendar, it would be a good idea to devote a notebook to your running/writing program. Every day write down any information you want. Ideas for running would be, miles, time, where you ran, shoes you ran in, weather, etc. On the writing side of this you could write down what you wrote, whether it was a poem, short story, essay or part of a journal. Also include how many words you wrote.  The key is having your success documented.

After you write you will feel better. After you run you will feel better. Hop in bed tonight knowing you accomplished something that benefits your health and well being, it will help you sleep sound.

So start today. Run and write. And cross off  DAY 1 with pride.

Only 364 to go.


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2 responses to “Day 1–Start Running and Writing Today

  1. papaspoint

    I like your concept. I, being much older I suppose, have difficulty running… the old knees and back just don’t help out a bunch. Good luck and keep going!

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