Day–4 Do you want to run more? Then read.

I started running seriously after spending a weekend devouring a book about running. Before this book, I ran, but I ran sporadically. A mile here, a mile there. This book motivated me to get serious about running. I look back over a decade later and I’m grateful I read this book. The sad thing is I read this book at a Bed and Breakfast, and I’ve yet to find out what it was. If I hadn’t read this book, I might still be running a mile here and there.

I can say the same about my writing. Even though I cannot pin it on one specific book, I know that  all the books I checked out from the library played a huge part in my writing motivation. I still rapaciously consume any book I can find that deals with the writing life or craft. I love reading about writers, and their motivations,  schedules and quirks.

It isn’t  a requirement to read books about running and writing to be inspired to run or write.

But, and this is a big but, reading about writing and reading will motivate you to run and write more. For example, read the story about the person who is working 12 hours a day, raising 3 kids, volunteering every weekend and still training for a marathon. That’s enough to get me off the couch and running. Or the person who has sent out 500 short stories and still has not published one. That’s determination. And it’s enough to send me to the pen and paper.

These little vignettes show us we are not alone, and that it’s not that hard. Just get up and run. Sit down and write.

Again, you don’t need to read a whole book to be motivated. Start by reading this blog at DAY 1.

Then move on to other blogs about running and writing.

Pick up a magazine on writing or running.

Surf the web for running websites or writing forums. Read them.

Here are a couple magazine sites to start with:







poets & writers


This is only a beginning to useful links, look for more later.

Writing Prompt-Choose a Poet, buy one of their books,  research and read as much as you can about them. And then write a poem about one of their poems.

Running Prompt-Buy a running magazine, even better, subscribe.

Please share with us your favorite running or writing book.



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2 responses to “Day–4 Do you want to run more? Then read.

  1. I think the connection between running and writing is an interesting one! I know enough writers who are also long-distance runners to wonder how one affects the other. It seems to me that running taps into our primal origins (“fight or flight) – running was the answer if you wanted to survive, and is hard-wired into our brains in a way that most other “exercise” isn’t.

    If you haven’t already, read David Brendan Hopes’ “A Sense of the Morning.” He was (is?) a long-distance runner and has amazing insights that connect running/hiking/science/art. Not to be missed!

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