Why I Love Running Up Hills

This morning I ran a new route through the mountains of Nicaragua. The trail undulated through steep climbs and sharp declines. The run gave me time to reflect on why I love running up hills.

I came up with one reason  for every mile I ran.

12 Reasons I Love Running Uphill

  1. I spent the last 2 years in a county that was so flat, I had to run in parking garages to hill train.
  2. During my last 100 mile ultra, the hills chewed me up.
  3. Running hills is not easy, and what’s running if it’s not hard?
  4. The toughest trail runners, warrior up hills.
  5. The Kenyans do it, enough said.
  6. It adds variety to the run.
  7. When I can’t bear any more, I have an excuse to walk.
  8. I love the saying, “Up the Hill, down the ale.”
  9. I like to Name my Nemesis. I name my toughest climbs.
  10.  Why trail run if you’re not running rugged.
  11. Next time it will be easier.
  12. What goes up, must come ……

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