Kick Start your Writing–Pay Yourself First

One of the oldest rules of personal finance is the simple idea of–pay yourself first.

All the advisers tell you to do it. All the personal finance papers say it. They tell us to put money in our own personal savings before we pay our bills, buy our groceries or do anything else with our money.

When it comes to writing, we are talking about time, not money. But, just like in the financial world, this can be hard to do. Our time could be used in some many other places.

Why do it?

In the world of writing this principle can be the difference between failure and success. If you are new to the writing scene, it may seem like an impossible task, that is finding the time. The reason being that we have the tendency to find the time by using what’s left at the end of the day. And this is not much. The thing you plan on doing at the end of the day–writing–suffers. Your sleeping or zoned out in front of the media magnet before your pen hits the paper.

This is why if you want to write, you need to pay yourself first.

How to do it?

In the world of finance to successfully pay yourself first, the advice is to make this payment automatic and invisible.

To make your writing automatic, try this for one week. Wake up in the morning, start the coffee and sit down with paper and pencil, then write. After a week hopefully this becomes automatic. You will be paying yourself first.

To make paying yourself first invisible, try waking up 15 or 20 minutes early. Normally, you be would unconscious at this time, so by using it to write, it is invisible. Extra time.

One of the tricks is start small, 5 or 15 minutes. Read a  writing prompt.This time is in a sense invisible, it will not affect the rest of your life detrimentally. But, it will help kick start your writing.

So try it out. Tomorrow, pay yourself first. Get up 15 minutes early and write.



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2 responses to “Kick Start your Writing–Pay Yourself First

  1. hannahkarena

    Hmm. This seems much more reasonable than all the other recommendations out there about increasing your writing (every day! an hour!) I’m going to try this. Thanks for making it sound like a practical financial investment!

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