Day 9–Running Podcasts

I find that at times to help me get off the couch and running I need to have a podcast to look forward to.

While running I mostly listen to running podcasts. Listening to a running podcast while you run can motivate you, helping you see you’re not alone. You realize there are other runners out there, trying  just as hard or harder than you. Running podcasts also provide a lot of training and nutritional advice, and ideas for every runner, no matter where you are in your running life.

Here’s a list of some Running podcasts I’ve found entertaining and helpful:

These podcasts have pulled me through some long runs and motivated me to get going on a tough day. I don’t listen to podcasts everyday, but while in the middle of  a running streak it helps break the monotony.

How about you, what are you listening to?

Running Prompt-Download a never listened to podcast and take it on the run.


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