Day 14–Keep your Running & Writing Streak Alive

If you started at Day 1 of this blog you are now 2 weeks into a Running and Writing Streak. If you didn’t start at Day 1,  I encourage anyone that wants to run and write more to visit day 1 and starting reading a post every day. The posts will motivate you each day to run & write.

So why would anyone want to do a Running or Writing Streak, or both.

  • Everyday gets a little easier.
  • It builds discipline.
  • Gets you closer to a larger goal-like writing your novel or running a marathon.
  • It makes life more of a game.
  • You will feel dedicated.
  • There’s no doubt you are a real writer or runner.
  • After a while, instead of trying to figure out how to keep going, you’ll be wondering how you can stop.
  • You will get to know your body and mind better.
  • The more days you build, the more motivated you will be to keep going.

Here’s why I started my streak over six months ago. We were moving from the United States to Nicaragua, and I knew the move would be a definite upset to my running and writing schedule. I needed some kind of motivation to keep these 2 parts of my life constant as we made the move. As far as running went, I had no idea what kind of situation we would find ourselves, in a third world country. It could be dangerous, hot and all around not what I was use to. So I needed a plan to keep running. I decided on a run streak. No matter what the conditions were like I would run at least one mile a day. No matter what changed in our life I would write each day. And so far, it has been a lot easier than I thought. Once you get into the routine,the running and writing are like eating or brushing you teeth–you wake up knowing you will do both during the day.

I hope by now you have started your streak, and that it is going well for you. Please let me know if you have. And if you haven’t let me know, why not?

Please click here to join my official list of Running/Writing Streakers. My goal is to have 100 active streakers by November 1st, but only you can help me with that. I will keep you up to date on the results of this goal. 

For more information on running everyday visit the United States Running Streak Association.

Please check out my short story about the obsession with coffee–Just One Cup


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