Day 16–Why Writers Love Lists

Years ago, I saw a book that was a list of the things that made the author happy. I don’t remember the name or author, but I remember the book was very interesting.  The simplicity and originality of it sucked me in.

As a writer I find myself constantly writing out lists of words I like, ideas, goals, books to read, authors to check out, movies to watch, and etc.

I’ve noticed that many blogs contain lists. I think the reason being that lists are quick and easy to read, catch the eye of the reader and are fun to write. That’s what I like about lists, the easy to write aspect.Check out this Editor Like List.

Here’s a list of why every writer should write lists.

  • Lists spurn other ideas
  • You can toss your grammar
  • And punctuation to the side
  • Lists create creativity
  • Gets everything out of your head and on paper
  • No two people will write the same list
  • No rules
  • They are disposable
  • Or can last forever
  • You feel like you are getting something done

And now here are a couple list ideas, in a list form of course:

  1. Books you’ve read
  2. Words you love
  3. Foods you want to try
  4. Poets you like
  5. Songs that soundtrack your life
  6. Things that make you smile
  7. Favorite drinks
  8. People you’ve met only once
  9. Most inspiring authors

The nice thing about lists, is that they are alive and in a constant state of flux. If you save a list you can always add to it, or cross items off. So the next time you are feeling at standstill with your writing, try a list.

What types of lists do you like to make?

This post was inspired by a blog post by:  Pick The Brain

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4 responses to “Day 16–Why Writers Love Lists

  1. You’re right – writers LOVE lists. I have about five notepads strewn across my apartment at any given time, always in reach when I feel the need to make a list. I love daily to do lists, even if I manage to lose them before all items have been crossed off.

    I make lists of what books I want to read (I love because of this), what movies I need to watch, etc. When I’m writing, I casually list off events that could take place in my story. This allows me to see the events in a fluid way, allowing me to move events around, delete them entirely, or expand them.

  2. You are so right – writers DO love lists! I have lived by them for years. Even the process of writing the list itself makes you feel like you have accomplished something! Or at least, are beginning to get organised.

    The main thing is to follow them through, and tick things off – otherwise we’re just writing lists for writings’ sake!

    Awesome post – thank you!
    Chloe xx

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