Day 23–Starting in the Dark

Many new runners don’t want to be seen by anyone as they struggle through their first weeks or months of running. They are self-conscious about the way they look. Some runners may feel this way for months or even years.

The same can be said for writers, especially newer writers. They feel self-conscious about their writing. They keep it in obscurity, and may not even mention their love for writing to friends and family .

This self-consciousness causes many writers and runners to start in the dark.

Waking up before the sun illuminates the streets, runners hit the roads, hoping to not be seen or noticed by anyone. Writers burn out bulbs as they stay up late into the night ruminating and writing.

Why do  many runners and writers start in the dark, and continue in this obscurity for years?

Some  feel they cannot really call themselves writers or runners until they have accomplished something. Like published an article or run a race.

If you write everyday or run everyday, start calling yourself a runner or writer today. And don’t be scared to share this with friends and family. You are the one who decides whether you will be called a runner or writer.

Another reason many choose to keep their writing and running hidden is because of form.

This is understandable. A new writer’s form may be a mess, just as a green runner or veteran runner’s form may be very sloppy. The newbie may be waiting until they’ve perfected their form to share their hobby with others.

There is no Perfect Form. The most seasoned writer may have the most awkward prose, but he/she is still a writer.

A finisher of 100’s of marathons might run like a snake with legs, but this person is still a runner.

Writing and running in the dark is fine, but to share your love of running and writing with others can get you into the sun.

And remember the sun is what keeps us alive.


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