Day 30–Embrace your Style

If every artist had the same style, it would no longer be art. Picasso and Van Gogh’s art  attracts for different reasons, but the point is they attract.

What attracts people to your writing?

If every restaurant served the same food most of us would stay home.

If every short story, poem, essay, blog,  novel and article had the same style we would stay home. We read because it broadens our view, challenges our opinions and opens doors into new thought.

This is why you need to put a piece of yourself into your writing. You are unique and your writing should carry a piece of this uniqueness.

As the writers, our job is to figure out what piece of our self we will thread throughout our writing.

Style can be taught, but only to a certain degree.

After this certain degree we are on our own to determine our own quirks and wordage.

Here’s how to weave your style into your writing:

  • Stream of conscious writing–Don’t worry about anything on your first draft-Just write whatever comes.
  • Write Clear Prose–Practice writing as clear as you can. De-clutter your writing.
  • Write about what moves you–Write about what affects you, by doing this your mind and heart are on the page.
  • Write widely–Don’t limit yourself to only one form. Write poems, non-fiction, fiction, lists, etc.
  • Avoid Cliches–Cliches are stolen style. Come up with new metaphors, similes and analogies.
  • Write–The more words down, the more defined your style will become.

Just like you are what you eat, you can be what you read. It’s not possible or advisable to totally copy another artist’s work, but the more you read Hemingway, Faulkner, Plath or anyone’s work the more they will rub off on you.

Monte Schulz said in, Our unique writing style becomes us, an article in The Writer Magazine,

“One could argue that we no more choose the voice we write with than we choose our mannerisms, our preferences in clothes or foods, the tone of our speaking voice. If that is so, then style arises out of some unnamed muse, and the words we write pour forth from a hidden wellspring whose location and identity we can never know.”

Do you feel style arises from an unnamed muse or do we chose our style?

What writer do think has a very distinct style?


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