Day 37–Putting the Fun in Hard

In a zero gravity environment, our muscles would deteriorate if we did not exercise them. In order for our muscles to maintain themselves and grow they need to be constantly challenged.

Our mind, the muscle used to write needs to be challenged and exercised.

To advance in our running, some level of difficulty is necessary.

Why is it when we look up to someone it’s the hard worker or overachiever?

How many off us look up to or admire couch potatoes and sloth-like people?

Do you ever wish to be more like the slacker or  under achievers?

It’s because hard work is rewarding. When we work to accomplish something, we appreciate it more. The person who is given everything in life without any work, is usually the same person who neglects and under appreciates what they have.

This is why running and writing are fulfilling. They cannot be done without a little hard work. It’s not possible to go out for a run without any effort. To write a story is work.

As we grow as writers and runners we need to challenge ourselves. Getting stuck in the easy rut will steal the joy from the task.

That’s why we need to constantly reanalyze goals and methods. Increasing word counts and miles will challenge us and keep us stimulated.



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2 responses to “Day 37–Putting the Fun in Hard

  1. I’ve realized that I sleep better when I’ve accomplished my goals for the day, whether it be writing, exercising, etc. Hard work is so rewarding, and unfortunately, it’s the most difficult thing to practice at times.

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