Day 41–We All Get Wrinkles

Do you remember being 12 years old and counting the days until you turned  16?  The milestone of qualifying for a driver’s license.

After that, the next big age goal seems to be legal drinking age.

Then what? What milestone age comes next?

Many people look back and long to be 12 again, or just stay in their twenties. Who really wants to grow old?

The reality is, we all get wrinkles.

It’s not the fact we get wrinkles, as much as what we decide to do with them.

In his essay, Running into Old Age, George Sheehan wrote,

“What I have lost I can afford to lose. What I have gained is something I cannot do without.”
George Sheehan was a shining example of a runner & writer. He wrote prolifically and ran to match his writing. He kept on running and writing throughout his life.

It’s inevitable that with age runners are bound to lose some speed and endurance.  Sheehan noticed his race times getting slower and slower, but instead of fighting these realities he decided to focus on the positives.

With the added years, miles, and written and read words he noticed added insight and wisdom.

So how are we runners & writers going to face our future? With dread or as the well read?

One of the best things about being a runner and writer is what you learn along the way. There’s no avoiding the knowledge and insight that will come with long runs and writing.

Some of the best writers and long distance runners are the seasoned veterans.

No matter what your age, embrace it. Start running and keep running. Give writing a try and give it time, it only gets better with age.

Dr. Sheehan came to the conclusion, when I push to the limit, I am a boy again-an untried youth listening to the wisdom of my body.”

Do you feel getting older as a runner or writer is positive or negative?

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