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Day 40–Build an Adventure

Did you get out and have an adventure today?

In today’s fast paced hectic full-time world adventures seem to be few.

Did you know by writing and running adventures are closer than you think?

According to Wikipedia an Adventure is,“an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome.”

Running can easily fall into the adventure category. Maybe you don’t feel that your daily 3 miler is falling into the adventure category, so why not build an adventure.

Here’s how:

Plan an extra long run. Run farther than you’ve ever run. If you’ve ran 10 miles, go for 12. If you’ve done 50, start training for a 100 mile run. Check out this super website for ultrarunning information and inspiration–ultrarunnerpodcast.com

Run in the Wild. Go running on a trail you’ve never run or skip the trail and blaze your own. Just be sure to have a compass and not get lost, although that would be an adventure.

Do an All-Day Run. You don’t need a week to have an adventure. Eight to ten hours is plenty. Dean Karnazes leaves his house for all-day long runs with a credit card and cell phone. Really that’s all you need. Start running and who knows where you will end up.

Writing also lends itself to adventures. They can be day long adventures to year long, but writing definitely takes you on exciting, unusual experiences with uncertain outcomes.

Here’s a couple ideas:

Write about what you don’t know. Choose a topic you have always been interesting in–firefighting, beekeeping, ultrarunning, etc. And then immerse yourself in it with the goal of writing about it, fictionally or non-fictionally.

Writing Weekend. Pick a weekend and just write. It doesn’t have to be a weekend, it could be anytime you can devote two or three days to writing. Who knows what will come out of it. Maybe a master short story or the beginning of your next novel.

National Novel Writing Month. November is coming soon, and trying to complete a novel in a month could be called an adventure. Commit and build your adventure.

Running and Writing adventures are around every corner for the people build them.

What is your writing or running adventure?


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