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Day 3-Proud to Run and Write

One sure-fire way to get and keep yourself motivated is to talk about your running and writing. Not so much that you drive family and friends crazy with the subject, but at least let them know about your goals.

If you’ve set the goal to run or write everyday, let family and friends know about it. By doing this, they can not only support you, they can also be the reminder that says, “Have you run yet today?” or “How’s your writing going?”Anyone that is really into something, talks about it. There’s no need to keep it a secret. Maybe, you’re afraid you will fail and give up writing or running. The secret is to not allow that to be an option, and by telling others about your goals you concrete these goals even more.

Remember, these 2 goals, to run and write each day are not huge. Even if you write one sentence or run one block, you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Tomorrow, you can double that run. Tonight, you can turn that sentence into an essay.

The trick is to get in the habit of being able to mark on your calendar every day that you ran, or that you wrote.  A reminder if you haven’t read Day 1 of this blog, please start there.

If you feel comfortable enough with a family member or friend ask them to ask you every day if you ticked off your run, or if you wrote something down. When you know someone is going to check up on you, you feel more responsible to get your run in.

You may even motivate others to start running with you. Maybe, a friend has always wanted to write a novel, well you can be the person that shows them it’s possible, and they also can be a writer. Or the friend that is always saying they want to lose some weight, get them out there with you.

Writing Prompt-Choose a specific friend. Write about their reaction when your first book is published.

Running Prompt-Choose a family member or friend who you are going to invite on a run.


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