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Day 38–Stoke your Writing & Running Furnace

Why is it that so many would be runners and writers flames die out after only a short time?


Many runners and writers are sparked by desire. But the spark belongs to somebody else. They are writing or running because someone else thinks they should do it.

To succeed in running and writing the first word we need to toss into the fire is, should.

Replace the word should, with WANT.

We will not find the motivation to run and write everyday if we are only influenced by outside sources. These sources are called extrinsic. These forces may get us out the door the first day or week, but they won’t keep our flames blazing strong.

To fan our flames of motivation and devotion we need to be motivated intrinsically.

Our motivation must come from within ourselves.

Start with one of these motivators and stoke your fire.

Types of Intrinsic Motivation


With running and writing we need to be challenged. Once we meet and surpass these challenges we are motivated even more.


Discovery is always available. It’s up to us to put forth the effort to accept the adventure and learn. Running and writing have endless facets that we can study.


If we are bored by something we will soon give up on it. If we are not interested in writing, there really is no reason to do it. Ask yourself, what draws me to running and writing? Get interested by reading and learning about running and writing.


We can’t just think about the superficial attraction of running and writing. We need to find meaning. How can our running  help ourselves and others?


Why do we write? Why do we run? We need to answer these questions honestly before  our fire starts burning hotter and hotter.

What is your intrinsic motivator?


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Day 34–S.M.A.R.T–not dumb–Running & Writing Goals

To go anywhere in the world of  running and writing we need to have goals. These goals are alive and in a constant state of flux.

DUMB goals-run more, write more, publish something.

SMART goals-run a marathon in the next 4 months under specific time. Write a 200o word short story this week and submit it to 5 specific publications.

For our goals to do the most for us, we need to set goals and reevaluate often. Every week is ideal.

By using the acronym SMART, we can keep a constant handle on our goals.

Specific– Vague goals will go nowhere. Instead, determine the:

Who?– Who is involved in your goal? Our running and writing goals often hinge on the cooperation of family and friends.

What?-What do you want to accomplish? Write story for a publication is too vague. Publish a story in this magazine is better.

Where?-Where will you accomplish this goal?

Why?-Why do you want to accomplish the goal?

When?-When do you want to attain by? Set aside time to reach the goal.

Measurable– Distinct mileage goals and word counts help to measure progress and see if your goal has been reached. Concrete goals like 3 miles a day, 20 miles a week or one short story a week, 500 words a day.

Achievable– By setting impossible goals we only discourage ourselves. For example, writing 20,000 words in a month is reasonable. 50,000 is a little high. 110,000 words is nearly impossible. SO start small. Do you truly believe you can reach this goal?

Relevant–We want to accomplish goes that will have a positive affect on our life. One way of judging if your goal is relevant, is by thinking back to if you have ever accomplished something similar in the past.  How did it affect you?

Why do you run?

Why do you write?

Timetable–Your goal date cannot be “Someday.” To reach our goals we need to set a fixed date. That’s why it’s good to enter a race, by doing this you will have a fixed date to aim for. Or decide on participating in National Novel Writing Month

Whatever your goals are, make sure you stick with them. Remind yourself of them everyday. Write them in your planner, on your fridge and anywhere else that will constantly remind you of them.

How do you create SMART goals?

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My Running and Writing Goals

I haven’t wrote much about my running and writing goals on this blog.

Here’s the current list:

  • Run everyday
  • Write everyday
  • Push-ups everyday
  • Pull-ups everyday
  • Run a 12 hour ultra in August
  • Run a 100 ultra in 2012
  • Finish novel in 2011
  • Write separate novel during National Novel Writing Month this November
  • Publish a short story in one of the Top 50 Literary Magazines
  • Keep publishing freelance work in high level magazines
  • Write one blog post a day
  • Submit 12 freelance queries a week

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Day 16–Why Writers Love Lists

Years ago, I saw a book that was a list of the things that made the author happy. I don’t remember the name or author, but I remember the book was very interesting.  The simplicity and originality of it sucked me in.

As a writer I find myself constantly writing out lists of words I like, ideas, goals, books to read, authors to check out, movies to watch, and etc.

I’ve noticed that many blogs contain lists. I think the reason being that lists are quick and easy to read, catch the eye of the reader and are fun to write. That’s what I like about lists, the easy to write aspect.Check out this Editor Like List.

Here’s a list of why every writer should write lists.

  • Lists spurn other ideas
  • You can toss your grammar
  • And punctuation to the side
  • Lists create creativity
  • Gets everything out of your head and on paper
  • No two people will write the same list
  • No rules
  • They are disposable
  • Or can last forever
  • You feel like you are getting something done

And now here are a couple list ideas, in a list form of course:

  1. Books you’ve read
  2. Words you love
  3. Foods you want to try
  4. Poets you like
  5. Songs that soundtrack your life
  6. Things that make you smile
  7. Favorite drinks
  8. People you’ve met only once
  9. Most inspiring authors

The nice thing about lists, is that they are alive and in a constant state of flux. If you save a list you can always add to it, or cross items off. So the next time you are feeling at standstill with your writing, try a list.

What types of lists do you like to make?

This post was inspired by a blog post by:  Pick The Brain

Please check out my newly published short story-Just One Cup


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Day 14–Keep your Running & Writing Streak Alive

If you started at Day 1 of this blog you are now 2 weeks into a Running and Writing Streak. If you didn’t start at Day 1,  I encourage anyone that wants to run and write more to visit day 1 and starting reading a post every day. The posts will motivate you each day to run & write.

So why would anyone want to do a Running or Writing Streak, or both.

  • Everyday gets a little easier.
  • It builds discipline.
  • Gets you closer to a larger goal-like writing your novel or running a marathon.
  • It makes life more of a game.
  • You will feel dedicated.
  • There’s no doubt you are a real writer or runner.
  • After a while, instead of trying to figure out how to keep going, you’ll be wondering how you can stop.
  • You will get to know your body and mind better.
  • The more days you build, the more motivated you will be to keep going.

Here’s why I started my streak over six months ago. We were moving from the United States to Nicaragua, and I knew the move would be a definite upset to my running and writing schedule. I needed some kind of motivation to keep these 2 parts of my life constant as we made the move. As far as running went, I had no idea what kind of situation we would find ourselves, in a third world country. It could be dangerous, hot and all around not what I was use to. So I needed a plan to keep running. I decided on a run streak. No matter what the conditions were like I would run at least one mile a day. No matter what changed in our life I would write each day. And so far, it has been a lot easier than I thought. Once you get into the routine,the running and writing are like eating or brushing you teeth–you wake up knowing you will do both during the day.

I hope by now you have started your streak, and that it is going well for you. Please let me know if you have. And if you haven’t let me know, why not?

Please click here to join my official list of Running/Writing Streakers. My goal is to have 100 active streakers by November 1st, but only you can help me with that. I will keep you up to date on the results of this goal. 

For more information on running everyday visit the United States Running Streak Association.

Please check out my short story about the obsession with coffee–Just One Cup

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Day 11–Meet your Running & Writing Goals

Seneca said, “Our plans miscarry if they have no aim.  When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.”

The importance of goals for running and writing can’t be stressed enough. If we don’t know what harbor we are aiming for there’s no wind that will carry us there.

Imagine a sailor that does not know  his destination, for him the sea would be a frustrating place. Now imagine the writer or runner who does not have a goal, this person will be plagued with the same frustration. The sailor may leave on his voyage without a goal, but he will soon need to decide, before his food and energy give out. The same with a writer or runner, they may start with no goals, but soon there zeal and energy will wane if they don’t set goals in front of themselves

To increase your enthusiasm follow these goal setting techniques:

Be distinct and specific
Instead of saying I will write and run today, decide what you write, how far you will run and when you will do these things.

Decide on a Deadline
Procrastination will conquer, unless you give yourself a specific deadline. Write down a date that you want to have your short story completed by. Or mark your calender with how many miles you will run this week.

Be reasonable, and unreasonable
Your goals should be within reach, but at the same time a challenge.

Mark your calender and check it
Day 1 of this blog emphasized the importance of a calender or planner. So mark that calender up with your goals, and at the end of the month be sure to review them.

Running & Writing Prompt– Set a goal and meet it by the end of the week.


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Day–8 The Writing & Running Spice


If you were to write the same story over and over, each and every day, you would get bored and stop writing. So, why try to write only fiction, or only essays, or only poetry. By limiting yourself to only one form or genre of writing, writing can lose its excitement.

I wake up early to work on my fiction. But, I don’t work on the same novel every morning. I have a rough schedule of:

Monday: Novel-write

Tuesday: Novel-enter novel from notebook into computer

Wednesday: Short Story-write

Thursday: Short Story-enter short story into computer

Friday: Novel-edit

Saturday: Short Story-edit

Sunday: Novel- write or edit

By changing it up everyday I find I’m more excited to get to my writing.

I also do this with my non-fiction freelance work. I block out chunks of time for queries, writing, researching and submitting. And why only write essays? Try your hand at all non-fiction forms. Such as, profiles, interviews, service articles and reviews.

Writing Prompt–Today write in a form you normally would not write in. If you’re stuck in fiction, try writing an essay. If you’re caught up in poetry, write a short story. And, if you’re busy with freelance work, take some time to start that novel.

Running–In the world of running variety plays a huge part in  you sticking with it.

Imagine going to the track every day and running the same quarter mile loop over and over again. Boring. So, why would we choose to run the same 3 mile route at the same time every morning and at the same pace. We are creatures of habit and  that can be our downfall.

How do we pop ourselves out of the running rut?

Running on pavement can  get old fast, so give trail running a try.

If you always run on trail, go to the local track and do speed work.

If your a speed-work specialist, try going on a long slow distance run.

To stay motivated, all you need to do is change it up a bit. Run in new places and at new paces.

Running Prompt–Try to find a trail near to you that you’ve never run on. Go explore.

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Introduction-Welcome to run, write, read, repeat

If you want to be motivated and inspired to run, write and read every day, this is the place for you. This page will cater to beginning runners and writers, as well as the the seasoned veterans. The purpose of this daily motivator is to keep runners and writers in a routine.

Whether you are an aspiring poet, wannabe runner, ultrarunner, short story writer or novelist, this site will keep getting you out the door and putting pen to paper. This site is designed for you to read one post daily, so you can skip around if you like, but to truly benefit, start at day 1 and continue reading one post a day. After a year you will running, writing and reading more and with new meaning.

This site will encourage streak running and writing (running everyday, writing everyday) and show you how it can be done successfully and with ease. But, if you’re not a streaker, no worries, you can still utilize this site to push your running and writing forward.
The site depends on you just as much as you depend on it. We need feedback, questions and followers. So let us know your thoughts, positive or negative. If you like the site, please suggest us to friends, tweet about us and follow us.

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