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Day 38–Stoke your Writing & Running Furnace

Why is it that so many would be runners and writers flames die out after only a short time?


Many runners and writers are sparked by desire. But the spark belongs to somebody else. They are writing or running because someone else thinks they should do it.

To succeed in running and writing the first word we need to toss into the fire is, should.

Replace the word should, with WANT.

We will not find the motivation to run and write everyday if we are only influenced by outside sources. These sources are called extrinsic. These forces may get us out the door the first day or week, but they won’t keep our flames blazing strong.

To fan our flames of motivation and devotion we need to be motivated intrinsically.

Our motivation must come from within ourselves.

Start with one of these motivators and stoke your fire.

Types of Intrinsic Motivation


With running and writing we need to be challenged. Once we meet and surpass these challenges we are motivated even more.


Discovery is always available. It’s up to us to put forth the effort to accept the adventure and learn. Running and writing have endless facets that we can study.


If we are bored by something we will soon give up on it. If we are not interested in writing, there really is no reason to do it. Ask yourself, what draws me to running and writing? Get interested by reading and learning about running and writing.


We can’t just think about the superficial attraction of running and writing. We need to find meaning. How can our runningĀ  help ourselves and others?


Why do we write? Why do we run? We need to answer these questions honestly beforeĀ  our fire starts burning hotter and hotter.

What is your intrinsic motivator?


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