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Day 36–Streamline your Running & Writing

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why less stuff is better

By Leo

People sometimes look at me quizzically when I proclaim that I don’t need more stuff, and that I’m constantly getting rid of what I do have.

What kind of weirdo is this? Why would you want less stuff?

Less is better.

Less means you spend less. You need less storage. You need a smaller house.

Less means you worry less. You search for things less. You are less bogged down by clutter.

Less means you’re lighter. You’re freer. You can focus on better things.

Less means you can travel more quickly. You spend less time with stuff, and more time doing stuff.

Less is more sustainable, more beautiful.

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What  can we as runners and writers take away from this minimalist’s approach?

It’s easy as a writer to get bogged down with so many projects and ideas that we can’t even get one of them going or even worse, finished. For example, right now I’m running 3 blogs, working on two short stories, one novel, 3 essays, and a page of freelance jobs. Too much.

So to minimize, choose one, and for one day or week focus on it. This can be hard if you have assignments and work in progress, but if you can do it, it’s a great way to free clutter from your mind.

Runners can also face a bogged down running program. If you are feeling weighed down–just run. Go out without a watch, heart monitor, goal or objective.

Runners and writers can  over complicate their life with endless logbooks  and notebooks. I find I have notebooks for everything, we when we moved I counted 15 separate notebooks for writing.

To end this cluttered pile of logbooks and notebooks, try to get all of your training or writing in one place. Get a binder and put all your notes in there, or find a website that you can organize all your writing or running on.

Streamlining means efficiency. The more we streamline our running and writing the more enjoyable and successful it will be.

How have you streamlined your running or writing?



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