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Day 10–Running & Writing Save you Money

First of all, to go and run 3 miles will not cost you a dime, and if you want to spendĀ  an afternoon writing that short story you will not have to pay a cent. I find this to be a drawing factor to both of these pursuits.

Most of the sports out there are going to involve dropping wads of cash. Some that come to mind are, golf, snowboarding, boating, and even bicycling. These sports involve a lot of money just to get started. But, with running, you can pretty much walk out the door and start running. Although, I do suggest you at least get a good pair of shoes. Once, you have the shoes the costs are minimal.

There are people out there who say running is not cheap. It really is what you make it. You could make sitting expensive if you wanted to. Chairs can be pretty costly, especially if you buy a new one everyday. The point is that running can save you money if you choose to keep it simple.

Here’s how to save money running:

  1. Buy good running shoes that don’t fall apart in a month.
  2. Don’t get caught up in the technology
  3. Buy used running clothing-eBay
  4. Run around town to do errands
  5. Run to work-save gas
  6. Make your own energy drinks and bars

Running also saves you money because you will stay healthier, and that means less money on healthcare. TO get started with a running streak visit Day 1.

Writing is even less costly than running. Pen and paper, and you’reĀ  ready to write.

Half of writing is reading, and reading also is a very frugal hobby. Just make good use of your local library.

The good thing about writing is that you can actually end up making money with this hobby. If you want to pursue writing goals, at times it’s good to have a market in mind where you can sell your work.

Here are a few markets for your writing:

Writing Prompt- Choose a market, and write a piece that you want to see published in this market.

Running Prompt- Instead of driving, do one errand on foot today. For example, the trip to the grocery store, library, workplace or a friend’s house.


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