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Did you RUN today? The mid-year resolution. Ten Reasons to Start Running TODAY

There’s no better day to start running than today–National Running Day.

It’s June 1st, exactly 6 months after January 1st, the day many people decide to start new programs such as, running, writing, eating better, being nicer and just better themselves.

But why do these resolutions have to begin on January 1st? Why not June 1st?  July 1st? August 5th? September 23rd?

Choose today and be resolved to start running.

So run today and run tomorrow, and then keep on going until January and beyond. Be resolved to start running. By reading this blog starting with day one you will motivated and pushed to start running everyday.

But, be sure to start with day one.  And read the intro so you know what to expect.

If you are still not convinced you should start running today here are:

Ten Reasons to Start Running TODAY

  1. Running helps you feel good about yourself
  2. It will knock the socks off your stress
  3. It’s easy and simple  to start
  4. You will improve your endurance
  5. Food tastes better
  6. You can earn your beer and dessert
  7. Running is always accessible
  8. You will lose weight
  9. Motivates you to eat healthier
  10. Today is better than tomorrow

Please share with us your reason to run.


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