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The Writer’s Boost

Writing involves a lot of sitting and sitting and sitting. It’s the rare writer that stands while they write, although I’m standing and writing right now (I take standing breaks by writing on our kitchen’s island).

Sitting equals physical stagnancy, and in turn this physical standstill can causeĀ  a writing standstill. Many writers have found the way to beat this mental slowness is to get active. Of course, the perfect way to do this is to go on a run or even a walk.

I like to plan a midday run to give myself a break from the computer screen, and to get my blood flowing, mostly to my brain. Today, besides a midday run, I also did a P90X session (ab-ripper). This workout program will also get not only your muscles a workout, but also your mind. I came back from the workout, inspired and ready to continue writing.

If you feel you’re at a standstill for ideas or motivation, go out for a run or do some other workout. You will find exercise is the perfect writer’s boost.


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