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Day 33–Run & Write Where You Are

One of the best things about running and writing is that you can do it where ever you live. It doesn’t matter if you live in middle of the woods  or in the center of the city, you can run and write.

Many other sports and hobbies call for living or being in a unique location. You can’t surf without the ocean, and you can’t rock climb without rocks.

Being able to run and write in any location, makes it possible to accomplish a running or writing a streak.

If we are traveling we can still run, if we move we can still write, no matter where we are there is a way to run and write.

Our running and writing will grow if we keep the attitude of, “There is no better place to run or write than where I am right now.”

If we view our running and writing in a positive light it will only help. If we constantly have the grass is greener viewpoint it will stifle our running and writing because we are too busy dreaming about how it’s better somewhere else.

When really there is no better place to run and write than where you are right now.

There is actually nowhere better than where you are right now.

The important thing is not where you are, but what you do with where you are.

Take a run, write for a session. And then look back knowing, you ran, you wrote, and tomorrow you are going to do it again.

Start your running streak today.

Where ever you are pay yourself first.

What do you love about where you are?


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