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Day 16–Run on Your Rest Day

If you are in the middle of a running streak your rest days will involve running. Sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it. But, there’s no way around it, every runner needs rest days, even streakers. So how do you do it?

Since I began my running streak over six months ago, I’ve included more short slow runs to my regimen. Before my run streak, I would rarely ever run below 7 miles for any given run. Now, I often run 3 milers and at times 1 mile run. For a run streak to be official you need to run at least 1 mile.

By including these shorter runs, I’m actually resting on the run. One or two miles is not going to significantly break down your muscles. but, everyone is different and needs to take into account their running background and base.

I’ve also made a determined effort to run slower on my longer runs. I still have my speed work days, but when I run long I make sure that I’m moving at a very comfortable relaxing pace. The faster you run the more you will break down muscle fibers that will need to be repaired. And when you run everyday these muscles need time to be repaired.

So if you’ve joined me for a running streak, don’t forget to run, rest and repair with slow and short runs.


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