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Day 33–Run & Write Where You Are

One of the best things about running and writing is that you can do it where ever you live. It doesn’t matter if you live in middle of the woods  or in the center of the city, you can run and write.

Many other sports and hobbies call for living or being in a unique location. You can’t surf without the ocean, and you can’t rock climb without rocks.

Being able to run and write in any location, makes it possible to accomplish a running or writing a streak.

If we are traveling we can still run, if we move we can still write, no matter where we are there is a way to run and write.

Our running and writing will grow if we keep the attitude of, “There is no better place to run or write than where I am right now.”

If we view our running and writing in a positive light it will only help. If we constantly have the grass is greener viewpoint it will stifle our running and writing because we are too busy dreaming about how it’s better somewhere else.

When really there is no better place to run and write than where you are right now.

There is actually nowhere better than where you are right now.

The important thing is not where you are, but what you do with where you are.

Take a run, write for a session. And then look back knowing, you ran, you wrote, and tomorrow you are going to do it again.

Start your running streak today.

Where ever you are pay yourself first.

What do you love about where you are?


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Day 32–Stop Writing & Running and Go to the Beach

Today we are going to spend the day at the beach in Leon, Nicaragua. Do some surfing, enjoy the ocean, and just relax.

How does this affect my Running & Writing Streak? Only for the good.

I’m still going to run and write today, but only the bare minimum. I woke up early so I could get this blog post out into the blogosphere. And after this I’m going to take a quick 3 mile run.

If you are doing a running or writing streak, take a day and go to the beach. It can be literally or figuratively.

In other words, take the day off. Write for 15 minutes, and then run for 15 minutes. There it’s done, and now take the rest of the day off.

Why do we need days off?

  1. Repair & Recharge-A runner needs to let his muscles repair themselves. For streakers this means doing an ultra easy run day, the bare minimum. So, run the bare minimum and forget running even exists until tomorrow. Runners also can benefit from a mental break, not thinking about the run, when it will be, where it will be and how you will do it. Writers also need to let themselves be repaired. If you write everyday, there’s a pressure for that constant output, so give your head a rest and head for the beach.
  2. Spend Time with Family and Friends-It’s not healthy to get so caught up  in your writing or running that you overlook spending time with the people you love. Even if you are with them, you may catch yourself thinking about your running or writing. Today, concentrate on being with the people your with, and leave your running and writing at home.
  3. We are not Machines-We are human beings and we need to live our lives. If we are always working, we won’t be able to appreciate our goals when we reach them. Part of running is reaching a goal, and then enjoying. Like running a fast race or a very long run and then taking the time to realize what you’ve  just accomplished. Or finishing a writing project and then enjoying the reward of being done. If we are always on the go, we don’t get to enjoy the best part.

Being a Human and relaxing.

Nobody can argue that taking a break doesn’t feel good. So take today or tomorrow and go to the beach.

Where’s your beach? How do you recharge and enjoy the fruits of your labor?


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Day 16–Run on Your Rest Day

If you are in the middle of a running streak your rest days will involve running. Sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it. But, there’s no way around it, every runner needs rest days, even streakers. So how do you do it?

Since I began my running streak over six months ago, I’ve included more short slow runs to my regimen. Before my run streak, I would rarely ever run below 7 miles for any given run. Now, I often run 3 milers and at times 1 mile run. For a run streak to be official you need to run at least 1 mile.

By including these shorter runs, I’m actually resting on the run. One or two miles is not going to significantly break down your muscles. but, everyone is different and needs to take into account their running background and base.

I’ve also made a determined effort to run slower on my longer runs. I still have my speed work days, but when I run long I make sure that I’m moving at a very comfortable relaxing pace. The faster you run the more you will break down muscle fibers that will need to be repaired. And when you run everyday these muscles need time to be repaired.

So if you’ve joined me for a running streak, don’t forget to run, rest and repair with slow and short runs.

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Day 14–Keep your Running & Writing Streak Alive

If you started at Day 1 of this blog you are now 2 weeks into a Running and Writing Streak. If you didn’t start at Day 1,  I encourage anyone that wants to run and write more to visit day 1 and starting reading a post every day. The posts will motivate you each day to run & write.

So why would anyone want to do a Running or Writing Streak, or both.

  • Everyday gets a little easier.
  • It builds discipline.
  • Gets you closer to a larger goal-like writing your novel or running a marathon.
  • It makes life more of a game.
  • You will feel dedicated.
  • There’s no doubt you are a real writer or runner.
  • After a while, instead of trying to figure out how to keep going, you’ll be wondering how you can stop.
  • You will get to know your body and mind better.
  • The more days you build, the more motivated you will be to keep going.

Here’s why I started my streak over six months ago. We were moving from the United States to Nicaragua, and I knew the move would be a definite upset to my running and writing schedule. I needed some kind of motivation to keep these 2 parts of my life constant as we made the move. As far as running went, I had no idea what kind of situation we would find ourselves, in a third world country. It could be dangerous, hot and all around not what I was use to. So I needed a plan to keep running. I decided on a run streak. No matter what the conditions were like I would run at least one mile a day. No matter what changed in our life I would write each day. And so far, it has been a lot easier than I thought. Once you get into the routine,the running and writing are like eating or brushing you teeth–you wake up knowing you will do both during the day.

I hope by now you have started your streak, and that it is going well for you. Please let me know if you have. And if you haven’t let me know, why not?

Please click here to join my official list of Running/Writing Streakers. My goal is to have 100 active streakers by November 1st, but only you can help me with that. I will keep you up to date on the results of this goal. 

For more information on running everyday visit the United States Running Streak Association.

Please check out my short story about the obsession with coffee–Just One Cup

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Day 3-Proud to Run and Write

One sure-fire way to get and keep yourself motivated is to talk about your running and writing. Not so much that you drive family and friends crazy with the subject, but at least let them know about your goals.

If you’ve set the goal to run or write everyday, let family and friends know about it. By doing this, they can not only support you, they can also be the reminder that says, “Have you run yet today?” or “How’s your writing going?”Anyone that is really into something, talks about it. There’s no need to keep it a secret. Maybe, you’re afraid you will fail and give up writing or running. The secret is to not allow that to be an option, and by telling others about your goals you concrete these goals even more.

Remember, these 2 goals, to run and write each day are not huge. Even if you write one sentence or run one block, you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Tomorrow, you can double that run. Tonight, you can turn that sentence into an essay.

The trick is to get in the habit of being able to mark on your calendar every day that you ran, or that you wrote.  A reminder if you haven’t read Day 1 of this blog, please start there.

If you feel comfortable enough with a family member or friend ask them to ask you every day if you ticked off your run, or if you wrote something down. When you know someone is going to check up on you, you feel more responsible to get your run in.

You may even motivate others to start running with you. Maybe, a friend has always wanted to write a novel, well you can be the person that shows them it’s possible, and they also can be a writer. Or the friend that is always saying they want to lose some weight, get them out there with you.

Writing Prompt-Choose a specific friend. Write about their reaction when your first book is published.

Running Prompt-Choose a family member or friend who you are going to invite on a run.

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Day 2-Find Time to Run & Write

Time, time, time. We all have it, we all use it and we all want more of it.

The reality is that we are all spinning around on the same globe, with a 24 hour day. The trick is dedicating a miniscule part of those 24 units to running and writing.

RUNNING– How far do you want to run today? Or how many minutes do you want to run today? I’m planning on 50 to 60 minutes, but that’s just me. You need to decide what your goal is. You can reasonably achieve your goal of running today  in less than  20 minutes. But what if you don’t have 20 minutes? Remember we all have 1,440 minutes each  and every day.

Running Prompt- Go out and run a timed mile, but don’t run fast. Run in your comfort zone. Right your time down.

Send me your time.

WRITING– First ask yourself, what do I want to write today? If you don’t have an idea about what you want to write, chances are that you won’t. The limits are endless, but if you are just starting, start small. Write a one page short story. Or a 10 line poem. You can reasonably do either in less than 30 minutes. But,  from where will you steal or borrow the 30 minutes? I’ve found the best time is early in the morning or late at night. The reason being, that is when I can find time alone, to just think. So tonight stay up 30 minutes later, and write. Or tomorrow set your alarm 20 or 30 minutes early, and write.

Writing Prompt-Write a hundred words or more about why you want to write.

Send me your essay on why you want to write.

The trick is allotting time, you may have to scour your schedule,  look in the deepest corners.

Here are some of the those deep corners:

TV Watching

Newspaper or Magazine Reading


Lunch break

Internet Surfing

House Cleaning

Video Games

The list goes on and on. If you don’t have time to run or write, choose one of these times eaters, and borrow 20 minutes from it, or take 10 minutes from each one of them. You will not regret it.

You will never hit the pillow at night and think, “I sure wish I would have spent more time watching TV or  playing video games today, but you will lay and think, “Why didn’t I just take the 30 minutes to run or write today?”

If you’ve just found this blog, it works best to start at Day 1.

Please let me know if you have started your–running or writing–streak.

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