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Day 34–S.M.A.R.T–not dumb–Running & Writing Goals

To go anywhere in the world of  running and writing we need to have goals. These goals are alive and in a constant state of flux.

DUMB goals-run more, write more, publish something.

SMART goals-run a marathon in the next 4 months under specific time. Write a 200o word short story this week and submit it to 5 specific publications.

For our goals to do the most for us, we need to set goals and reevaluate often. Every week is ideal.

By using the acronym SMART, we can keep a constant handle on our goals.

Specific– Vague goals will go nowhere. Instead, determine the:

Who?– Who is involved in your goal? Our running and writing goals often hinge on the cooperation of family and friends.

What?-What do you want to accomplish? Write story for a publication is too vague. Publish a story in this magazine is better.

Where?-Where will you accomplish this goal?

Why?-Why do you want to accomplish the goal?

When?-When do you want to attain by? Set aside time to reach the goal.

Measurable– Distinct mileage goals and word counts help to measure progress and see if your goal has been reached. Concrete goals like 3 miles a day, 20 miles a week or one short story a week, 500 words a day.

Achievable– By setting impossible goals we only discourage ourselves. For example, writing 20,000 words in a month is reasonable. 50,000 is a little high. 110,000 words is nearly impossible. SO start small. Do you truly believe you can reach this goal?

Relevant–We want to accomplish goes that will have a positive affect on our life. One way of judging if your goal is relevant, is by thinking back to if you have ever accomplished something similar in the past.  How did it affect you?

Why do you run?

Why do you write?

Timetable–Your goal date cannot be “Someday.” To reach our goals we need to set a fixed date. That’s why it’s good to enter a race, by doing this you will have a fixed date to aim for. Or decide on participating in National Novel Writing Month

Whatever your goals are, make sure you stick with them. Remind yourself of them everyday. Write them in your planner, on your fridge and anywhere else that will constantly remind you of them.

How do you create SMART goals?


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