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Day 12–Beat Negativity with a Run

Yesterday was a stressful day for me and I ended up going to bed in a less than good mood. I woke up in a funk and even after a cup of coffee, I couldn’t shake the negativity.

I had a long run planned, and so at 6 am I hit the trails. After a half an hour I was feeling a lot better, my negative feelings were shed with the sweat that dripped from me. By the end of the 2 hour run I was feeling great, and I had figured out the little problems that had been bothering me.

The point being–There’s nothing a good run can’t fix.

We have our negative periods and I’ve found for myself the best way to bounce out of them is with a run. I can honestly say that I never return from a run feeling mentally worse than when I left for the run. Maybe, physically worn out, but my mental state always benefits from the run.

ON the run we are forced to look our problems in the eye without distraction. We can meditate on them and often find they are not as bad as they seem. The physical activity gets the blood moving to our minds, and our problem solving ability is enhanced.

Who doesn’t want to feel better each day?

By committing to a run streak (running everyday) a person can on a daily basis have a better mental focus, relieve stress and anxiety, improve moods and even lessen mental fatigue.



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