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Day 25–The Writer’s Manifesto

“Real writers don’t write for recognition.
They don’t do it for fame,
or notoriety.
They do it because they cannot not write”

These are some of the first words in Jeff Goins new e-book, “The Writer’s Manifesto.”

He also adds, “Writers don’t write to get published.
They write for the love of writing.”

This book is about getting back to the heart of writing.

The book is a very inspiring read, for newer and seasoned writers alike. If you are new to writing, it will set you off on the right foot, and if you’re a writer with millions of words behind you, this book can bring you back to the realities of why we write.

I liked the book because it is more of a poem, than a story or non-fiction piece. It can be read through in less than 15 minutes, but it begs to be revisited and pondered on.

There are many great lines throughout the book. The writing is crisp and alive.

For example, “As we care less about our audience’s affections,
more people will be affected by our writing.”

So I encourage any writer, fledgling or grand master to give this book a read. And did I mention it’s free.

To get your copy go to: Jeff Goins Writer

Please give his site a visit, read the book and then get back to me on what you think.



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