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My Running Streak

As of today I have run 151 days straight. This is nothing in comparison to the runners who have been going at it for 30 or 40 years straight. Still, I think after 5 months without missing a day of running I’ve experienced things I would have never encountered otherwise. For example, getting my run for the day in an airport stairwell, running in circles in a small bedroom and just plan old running when I normally would have rationalized taking a day off.

So here are 10 things that have kept me running everyday.

1. Run early

2. Don’t run fast everyday

3.  Subscribe to pod casts

4.  Be inspired by the inspiring

5. Know there is no option

6. Realize one missed day, and it all comes crashing down

7. The beer at the end of the tunnel

8. It’s a life style

9. There’s no way any body can say your not a runner

10. Registering my runs at dailymile.com


Run on friends.




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