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Day 27–The Western States 100–Don’t just Dream

Today 389 runners are testing their mettle at the 38th annual Western States Endurance Run.

They will try to run 100 miles, starting at Squaw Valley, California, and ending in Auburn, California. According to the website, “Most of the trail passes through remote and rugged territory, accessible only to hikers, horses and helicopters.”

These runners have trained for months or even years to be able to accomplish this great feat. The desire to run in this race is at the top of  many ultrarunners to-do list. Because of the race’s popularity you must enter a lottery system to run the race. The chances of being chosen are about 10 percent.

We can learn something as runners and writers from these runners.

One commonality they all share is–Commitment, Determination & Endurance.

Notice that the commitment and determination come before the endurance. Without commitment and determination we will never gain endurance.

These runners decided and determined that they would train to run 100 miles, and 100 tough miles at that. They may have dreamed about it at first, thinking that it would be great to be able to do that, but there came a point when they had to decide to make it a reality.

They decided and committed to running that distance. Once they committed themselves, the run was no longer a dream.

As runners and writers we can dream and dream about what we want to accomplish–Run a marathon or 100 miles, write a novel or publish a short story.

The dream can be fun at first, but it is nothing until we Commit.

Dreaming isn’t action, commitment is. And next comes the determination to meet our goal. Only we determine whether we are committed or not.

This is where our determination comes into play. Be determined. Know that others have done it and so can you.

Think of all those runners out there today, they are determined, they are done dreaming. They are running.

Do you need a reason to run?  Ten reasons to start running today.

If we find it in ourselves to commit to a goal, running or writing, and then be determined, the endurance will follow. All those runners started in the same place-the beginning. Every writer starts at word one, every runner at mile one. After tacking on words and miles, the endurance grows, it feeds on past miles and past words.

Our endurance must be fed. Stop writing down the words and it will wither. Stop running the miles and it wilt.

So keep it up. If you’ve started running and writing everyday, you are committed, you are determined and your endurance is growing.

If you have not committed yourself yet, go to Day 1 of this blog, and read a post a day.

Commit, Be Determined to Stop Dreaming, and you will find Endurance.

Maybe next year you will be one of those runners.

Thanks Western States runners, for helping all of us move forward.


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